Thursday, May 01, 2003

Resources for News and Analysis

Pepe Escobar

George Monbiot

Occupation Watch

Counter Currents

Why War?

Legal and Human Righs Issues

Crimes of War Project - Legal issues surrounding war on Iraq

Amnesty International on Iraq

Human Rights Watch

Analysis and Criticism of Media Coverage

Fair .org

Editor & Publisher : Iraq and the Press


Institute for Public Accuracy

Peace and Humanitarian Campaigns

Amnesty International, campaign for human rights in Iraq

Human Rights Watch, Iraq Information and campaign

Cambridge University, campaign against sanctions in Iraq

Stop The War Coalition, links to campaigns against war

Updates and Reports from Baghdad since Invasion

Brian Whitaker of The Guardian UK, gives daily briefings on Iraq,12971,920992,00.html

Reuters: background and links to latest news on Iraq

On-going estimates of civilians killed in Iraq

On-going count of invading and occupying forces killed in iraq